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Hey guys let me know what you think about the T-Shirt design. I was thinking we could go brown, black or white.  We can still change some things if have any input. I am not the most creative person in the world so please speak up.  The shirts will be around 20 bucks. Maybe a couple dollars cheaper.  There will be a sign up sheet at the gym.  But we need cash in hand before we order.  

O'Dell Fundraiser

Workout now posted. Get more information now!

Thursday WOD

5 Burpees

15 Ring Dips

5 Burpees

15 K2E

5 Burpees

15 Push-ups

5 • 4 • 3 • 2  Rounds for time

Cool Down 

Buddy Tire Flip

Two athletes alternate flipping back and forth 25 • 20 • 15 •10

Mutant • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities


  1. Jimmy likes. How about black?

  2. I know you want a plain design,but that’s a tiny bit too plain…

  3. then help me out give me some ideas!

  4. Ugh, awful web interface and not a lot of font choices. Anyway here is my 5 min submission:
    Also we can put “Crossfitcreek.com” on both sleeves and leave the front plain.

  5. Damn, those are all pretty cool. Can we get them all? 1 for coaches, 1 for trainees, and then the long sleeve available for all.

  6. Dave’s shirt is clearly superior.

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