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Strength Training isn't just for the men.  Here is a group of our ladies as they attack the new strength program! 

Neuroendocrine Adaptation: 
“Neuroendocrine adaptation” is a change in the body that affects you either neurologically or hormonally. Most important adaptations to exercise are in part or completely a result of a hormonal or neurological shift. Current research, much of it done by Dr. William Kraemer, Penn State University, has shown which exercise protocols maximize neuroendocrine responses. Earlier we faulted isolation movements as being ineffectual. Now we can tell you that one of the critical elements missing from these movements is that they invoke essentially no neuroendocrine response.

Among the hormonal responses vital to athletic development are substantial increases in testosterone, insulinlike growth factor, and human growth hormone. Exercising with protocols known to elevate these hormones eerily mimics the hormonal changes sought in exogenous hormonal therapy (steroid use) with none of the deleterious effect. Exercise regimens that induce a high neuroendocrine response produce champions! Increased muscle mass and bone density are just two of many adaptative responses to exercises capable of producing a significant neuroendocrine response.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of the neuroendocrine response to exercise protocols. This is why it is one of the four defining themes of the CrossFit Program. Heavy load weight training, short rest between sets, high heart rateshigh intensity training, and short rest intervals, though not entirely distinct components, are all associated with a high neuroendocrine response. 

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Friday WOD

1 Rep Max Snatch 


As many unbroken Double Unders as you can.  Take as many sets as you need to, just record the highest one.

Record weights for snatch and unbroken DU 

Foam Roll

10 KB side bends (5 R arm 5 L arm) (hold 1 KB to your side, slightly bend at the waist and lower KB.  Then bring it back up.

10 Weighted Situps

3 Rounds

Competitor  Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities




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