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No 7 am class Monday March 29th

The 2010 E-Fix 2-Day Race (Link) finished up today and I'm home safe and sound thanks to my wingman Mitch. I wanted to give a quick race report to everyone who has followed what I'm doing this season.

This years E-Fix was a brutal 200 mile course with over 64,000 ft of elevation change — think summiting and descending Mount Everest twice in two days and you still wouldn't be done climbing this course. We all experienced rain, snow, sleet, ice, fog and hip deep mud during our time on the course in the harsh but beautiful New River Gorge area of West Virginia. This race was a war of attrition and total of 36 teams started the race including just 7 Solo racers.The unofficial results look like only one team finished the full course with all others being forced to a short course or leaving the race entirely.

My race as you know was just to complete the course. At over 36 hours in I passed the 31st of 50 checkpoints, was tied for 1st in my Division and on target to complete the course. Unfortunately shortly after I was forced to leave the race on account of a muscle strain which came on suddenly during a climb and kept me from walking or biking. Not good for a solo racer, and I was picked up by an Official around 2AM on the second night of racing and was unable to finish. After warming up by the fire Mitch had setup at the Checkpoint and grabbing a few hours of sleep, I'm up and about again, a bit banged up and sore but pretty happy with the results. 

I set out to jump back into Ultra-Endurance sports using Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance as a training regimen, and I can say without a doubt — Mission Accomplished. Here are a few things I've noticed from switching to a Crossfit/Primal-nutrition paradigm from traditional endurance based training regimens and racing in 24+ hour events:

– Recovery rate from long hard climbs/efforts was very fast

– Sustainable paces seem just as fast as OLD regimen

– Aches/Pains were always in my muscles not the joints

– Sleep Deprivation even at 40+ Hours in was almost a non-issue

– I'm up and walking/talking today, when I normally would be out for 2-3 days

I am a very happy Endurance Racer and Crossfitter.

Here are some pictures (Link) and Video from the race (Link).


Matt Swartout–

Monday WOD

DB Cleans
DB Hang Power Snatch
Jump Squats
Donkey Kicks
Competitor use 1/2 BW

21-15-9  15-11-9  11-9-7 Reps
Rolling Burpees (new) 20  20  20 Reps

 Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities



  1. Eben Smith says:

    Congrats buddy! Welcome home… i really wish i could’ve been there to see you push through that race like we thought you would. Can’t wait to hear first hand how it all went! see you soon bro!

  2. Badass Matt! Very proud of you!

  3. James H. says:

    I’ll echo Eben and Allison; I also wish I could have been there and very bad assery of you.

  4. I forgot to add the big fact that I never once during the race regretted not going out to run a 15 miler or bike 6+ hours during training.
    My short sprints and intervals were more than enough.
    Thank you CFE.

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