Endurance Freak Fundraiser

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Today is Matt's Endurance Freak Fundraiser while he attempts to Solo the un-supported Odyssey Endorphin Fix 2-day Adventure Race in New River Gorge, WV (Link).  See last Wednesday for more details.  So let's all show him some support!  Donations can be given at the gym.

If you are not wearing GREEN you will be punished…. so dress accordingly 🙂

Also part 2 of Matts Endurance Freak Fundraiser, March Madness Brackets. $10 buy in! Half goes to Matt the other half goes to the winner! In order to submit your bracket, please visit  http://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com

 From there you will do the following:

1.      Click on “Join a Group” (found in the middle of the webpage)

2.      Click on “Join Group” on the left

3.      Either enter your Yahoo ID and password or create a Yahoo ID at the bottom right of the page by clicking “Sign Up”  (there is no cost to sign up and it is very easy)

4.      Once your ID and password are established, click “continue”

5.       Our Group ID# is: 163487 and Group password is: creek

6.      Click on “Create New Bracket”

7.      Name your Bracket

8.      Click “submit”

St. Patty day Endorphin Fundraiser

7 Dead Lifts (1.5 bw)

Box Jump up and over (Over)

11 Double unders 

7 Burpees

AMRAP 20 15 10 min

4 min after WOD  8 6 4  Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squat (20 sec on 10 sec off) 


This WOD is both the tabata and AMRAP! DON'T BAIL OUT EARLY!


  1. Clarification, Bottom to Bottom Tabata Squat !!! Start and end at the bottom!!!

  2. I’ll be at the 430-630 classes, working out at the 530. I’ll be bringing in my race gear. So feel free to ask me questions about the race and what I’m attempting to accomplish this season.
    I thank you guys so much for all the support you’ve given me, I hope to make you all proud next week at the E-Fix!

  3. Eben Smith says:

    My prayers will go out to you buddy! Besides you’ve already done us proud by just choosing to train with us. Just get there and back safe. I’m sure all of your hard work will pay off. I don’t know what to tell a seasoned athlete but i think reflection of your training when the goin gets tough seems to help at times.See you tonight!

  4. I’m gald you clarified those bottom to bottom squats, I was thinkin’ I was going to have a partner! ;o)

  5. did i miss the part about drinking green beer between each round?

  6. James H. says:

    I’ve got a 12 of Guiness Draught and a 12 of Sam Adams Noble Pils on ice in the truck. I should be on time for the 4:30 class because I want to get this pain over with; if you want to use the cooler, we’ll have to drink some room.

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