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“Matt Swartout (pictured on the right) is an athlete who trains with us at CrossfitCreek. He came to us last summer as broken Ultra-Endurance Athlete who had to leave his sport of Adventure Racing in 2008 due to a string of overuse injuries which kept him from being able to run for 5 months. Since he left the sport he’s been on a mission to find a way to train for the rigors of multi-day racing without all the long grueling mileage and joint destruction provided by traditional endurance training. 

Matt believes he has found that way in the Crossfit and Crossfit Endurance training methodologies and in eating a more Primal diet. He is forgoing the “status quo” 20+ mile training runs and 8 hour bike rides for Intensity, Technique, Sprints and Heavy Lifts. Not to mention eating a strict diet of Meat, Healthy Fats and Veggies. Since day one at CrossfitCreek he has been putting all of his efforts into becoming a stronger, more resilient Crossfit athlete — One who just so happens to like to complete 24+ hour endurance races.

On March 26th Matt will be putting all his efforts to the test by starting his hardest race to date. He will be one of 7 athletes attempting to Solo the un-supported Odyssey Endorphin Fix 2-day Adventure Race in New River Gorge, WV (Link). Matt’s longest training run prior to this race will have been a 5k time trial.

Not mentioned above is the tremendous cost these athletes have to bear.  Just to compete is around $1,500! (gear,food,race cost, etc) So, to help Matt out we will be having a special CrossFit Endurance workout he designed  this upcoming Wednesday, March 17th.  He will be at all of our evening classes to help out.  There will be a donations jar at the gym so make sure you make it in Monday to help support one of our CrossFit Athletes. 

Benchmark Wednesday WOD


Run 400m • 400m • 200m

21 Choppers

12 Pull ups

3 Rounds

Unmodified Men 53lb. KB or 55lb. DB/ Women 35 lb. KB or DB

Cool Down

Double Unders 100 • 75  50

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational


  1. Matt S. says:

    You all are awesome…
    …and Helen! Can’t wait, plan on PR’ing like nobody’s business.

  2. James H. says:

    See you next Wednesday!

  3. Good Luck Matt!
    I will not be there tonite, but count me in for a donation.

  4. Eben Smith says:

    I think i’ve told you this before but I think you’ll suprise yourself. Just stay with your normal routine, nothing new or fancy when game time begins. Just remember how you’ve trained and i believe it will show in the end… heck maybe from jump!

  5. I just want to say thanks to all of our trainers for keeping things interesting for us. The Progressive Wave, the upcoming nutrition round tables, CFit Endurance, the nutrition blog from Becky, the nutrition articles Mitch has been posting….it’s all great!!

  6. Yes it is, isn’t it? I’ve been on my own for the month and it has been an excellent resource. You are all doing a wonderful job, and it is greatly appreciated.

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