Every Minute Counts

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What are you doing in the time prior to and post workout? While we believe in the power of working out as a group, we also encourage you to think about your own individual needs. Are you injured? Interested in preventing common injuries? Have a skill you want to conquer? These are all items that simply can’t be addressed in the time frame of the WOD itself in a manner that suits each and every person. The following article outlines several ways for you to effectively round out your hour at the gym. If you have any specific questions regarding mobility or conquering your “goats”, talk to one of the trainers and let us give you some specific things to do.


Reminders: Games WOD Friday at 6:00 pm-email Becky if you can’t make it; Power Yoga with Justine Saturday at 11:15; No CF Kids this weekend!

Thursday WOD

Backsquat – build to a tough 5

***SOLID FORM, make sure squats are deep enough!


AMRAP 15 min

30 plank rows L+R=2

20 DB squats (hold weight at shoulders)

10 weighted sit ups



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