First Community Workout of the Year

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All of us have family and friends who are starting the year with goals of losing weight and/or getting in better physical condition. Unfortunately, many of these individuals will not achieve the results they want, simply due to a lack of knowledge, motivation, and support. As members of CCF, you know that we offer the workouts, nutrition advice, and team atmosphere that can get them where they need to be. Whether through our regular or boot camp programming, we have something for everyone. Please extend an invitation to your family and friends to attend our first Community Workout of 2012 this Saturday at 10:00 am. After attending the workout, they will have the opportunity to enroll in two free weeks of boot camp or to take 4 elements classes for free and without any further obligation. We are certain that after their time with us they will be eager to join our CCF family and will thank you for helping them achieve their goals! There will be no other workout on this day, and you must bring a guest to attend. RSVP or send questions to Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com

Tuesday WOD


5 Pull ups

10 Push ups

15 Squats

20 Min AMRAP


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