First WOD in the new Building

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Allison helps david stretch. 

We haven't marked out the running routes yet for the new building so you get one of Mitch's Customs 🙂 enjoy!

Our new address 3224 Dayton Xenia Road.  Behind Wendy's

Monday WOD

50 35 25 Double Unders (or 3x)

25 20 15 Push ups

15 10 7   Thrusters (m-95/w-65)

10 7  5    Burpees

4 Rounds

Cool Down

Flip Choppers 60 50 40

Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. pushups AMD burpees…talking about taking my weakness and throwing acid on it…here we go!

  2. This one looks amazing. I can instantly guess where my weakness is — the Thrusters should beat me up while the rest makes my head swim.

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