Flying Pig Half Marathon Part 1

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Congratulations to Jess M, one of CCF’s Boot Camp clients who completed the Flying Pig Half Marathon on Sunday. Jess is a longtime runner who began CrossFit Boot Camps in February. Read on to see how participation in our classes helped her improve her running times in addition to losing weight and gaining strength:


Last year I ran the Half at the Pig in 2:17:58. This year my official time was 2:02:47. Since starting CrossFit, I can tell a huge difference in my endurance. Hills (especially at the Pig) are easier to tackle because my legs (quads especially) have gotten so much stronger. I run less now and trained less for the Pig this year than I did last year. Not only do I feel stronger, but I also battled with an IT Band injury at the end of the running season last year and was in the chiropractor’s office regularly to have that worked on. Since starting CrossFit and taking the time to do an appropriate warm-up and also using the rollers after class, I have not had any IT Band issues. And finally, since starting CrossFit at the beginning of February, I have lost 12 lbs!


If you’re interested in seeing how CrossFit or CrossFit Boot Camp programming can improve your sport of choice, email Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com


Tuesday WOD

(all for time)

run 1 mile (5 laps)



burpee pull ups


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