Flying Pig-Part 2

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Last week we featured one of our athletes, Jess, who completed the Flying Pig Half. Today we hear from Mike and Miranda C., a husband and wife team from CCF who also completed the race.



Miranda finished in 2:13 and I finished in 2:25. These times weren’t very good in terms of previous PR’s (last year Miranda ran it in 2:07 and I ran a 2:01), but neither one of us trained hardly at all. Miranda ran 3+ miles only a handful of times and I only ran more than 1.5 miles at one time twice (both times in the week prior to the Pig). This would normally be a problem but it wasn’t due to CrossFit. While I had to walk up the steeper inclines because of the pressure the angle placed on my recovering ankles (2 sprains and 1 break in the last 6 months), I never once felt any sort of muscle fatigue or became out of breath. The constant variance of workouts and the training of different muscle groups that CrossFit provides prevented the typical muscle fatigue I experience of my hips, glutes, and hammies and, I believe, made me less prone to the running injuries I have experienced in years past due to my running form changing to compensate for weak muscles.



Although not my best time, 2:13, I feel physically better after this run than I have after others. I believe that this is due to Crossfit. I feel stronger, my endurance has increased, and my recovery time has shortened. Another thing that I noticed, something that is important to me, is that my chute sprint was sustainable for a much farther distance than ever before. I try to save just enough energy to sprint in…shave off a couple seconds that last quarter mile.

I think that Crossfit combined with a running training plan will ultimately result in reduced injury and better times for myself. I plan on using the two in order to train for the USAF half marathon in September. I have the goal to complete a half marathon in less than 2 hours. Maybe, this is the year.



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