Foam Rolling

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Foam Rolling will make you whole again!

We don’t think much about our knees until they hurt. Once 

they begin hurting, it can be a LONG road to feeling 

“normal” again! That’s because the true cause of knee pain 

is normally not completely addressed. The patella (kneecap) 

has attachments to the lower leg by way of a ligament and to 

the thigh by way of tendon attachments to the quads.  

The quads are the only muscles attached to the kneecap.  

Unless you have some external force act on the knee, there 

is no other cause of pain in the kneecap or its attachments!  

Address knee pain by investigating tightness in the quads. 

Behind the knee, inside the joint, or slightly below and     

inside of the knee on the front of the lower leg, the causes of pain can get a bit more complicated. 

If you find that you have knee discomfort, even severe knee discomfort, first check your quads.


Will rolling your quads fix every knee problem? In a word, no. 

You need to be responsible for your body. If you have painful swelling, redness, or some other 

abnormality in the size or shape of your knee you need to call a therapist to get a proper diagno- 

sis. As a group, the quads tend to dominate the thigh. This means that you might need to 

“encourage” them to relax. Gentle pressure applied to the greatest knots will begin the process of 

autogenic inhibition. Consistent, gradually increasing pressure will allow you to release the 

deeper areas that tend to be the root cause of the discomfort you feel in your knees. 

IT Band issues? Start with your lateral quads! Your IT Band is basically a very long tendon. The 

VLO and VI both run underneath the path of the IT Band. In some cases the IT Band develops 

adhesions to the VLO, but in almost every case of IT Band discomfort the two underlying quads 

are all knotted up. If you can’t comfortably lie on a roller with the side of your thigh, work your 

thighs every day until you can. 

The adductors and hamstrings need attention too but probably not nearly as much attention as the 

quads. Be sure you gently apply pressure in each area at least once a week to check it out.  

Grab your stuff, let’s start the thigh work! 


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 21 Choppers Men 53 lbs Women 35 lbs

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(3 • 2 • 2 Rounds)


Stretch as a group and use Foam Rollers

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities




  1. Mitch,
    My left knee and ankle feel like they are brand new this morning. However, my right side is sore and “clicking”. Thanks for showing me how to roll out the it band even though it felt like you were stabbing me in the leg with a bowie knife….

  2. Great Info! I have to say that since I’ve started foam rolling I do not wake-up in the morning stiff and achy like I use to. Foam rolling might hurt like the dickens while doing it but the results are well worth it!!

  3. I just wanted to let everyone know we beat Alter last night 1-0! It was a great game, and we ended up scoring with just 8 seconds left. The game schedule is on the poster hanging on the wall; I know the girls would love it if anyone could come out to watch them play!

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