Frank for Fun

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Frank cranks his way through some high speed jumps. This guys amazing. He smiles at the same time he's bustng his rear, funny all the time, and always makes me happy when he walks into the gym. The best thing about his great sense of humor is the energy and positive vibe Frank brings to our community.

Thanks Frank – Mike

No 12:00 Class Today (Friday)

Friday Buddy Battle

40 front squats

40 SDHP  (Sumo Deadlift High Pull)

40 Push Press

200 Jump Rope

432 rounds for time

Only one person can do work at a time, the bar can not touch the ground, both must do half the work 20 a piece and 100 jump rope.

Cool Down

Strict Pull-Ups  25 15 10 reps. 

Advanced Intermediate Foundational
Scale to capabilities

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