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I AM CROSSFIT… Lose lbs, get shredded, get fitter!

What?  A specialized program in addition to the normal CrossFit training that will bring the individual…

  • Small group nutrition seminars
  • Take home extra credit workouts
  • Special exclusive team workouts
  • Special exclusive benchmark workouts
  • In depth before and after testing
  • Tracking Photos
  • Special Care package complete with I Am CrossFit T-shirt, Journal, and I Am CrossFit wristband

When? Starts on Saturday, Feb. 19th

Who?  To keep the quality high we have to limit this program to 10 people!  So first come first serve.  You can join us on Facebook for early registrations just send us a friend request and then a message that says "I AM CROSSFIT" to reserve your limited spot!

Or leave "I AM CROSSFIT" in the comment section below. 

How Much?  Only $150.00

How Long?  This will be a 6 week course 

Why?  Because Everyone wants to be a success story.

*More details will be revealed soon just ask Mitch for a sneak preview.

Friday WOD

1 Strict Press

3 Push Press

7 Front Squats

20 Double Unders

5 •  3  rounds


LaX ball on shoulders

CompetitorAdvanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Jen Gifford says:


  2. Is this going to be a one time deal? I’d love to do it but not right now. Perhaps a second round in the summer?

  3. What ever happened to the results of the last paleo/crossfit 6 week challenge?

  4. There will not be one for about 6-9 months. Nothing going over the summer. @maria, the results were released back in june i believe. This challenge will not have winners or losers. This challenge is just an increase in accountability and extra goods. Lets get fitter.

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