Friday 2/21

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What is the CrossFit OPEN?

Every year there is a competition to determine the Fittest On Earth. This competition is called The CrossFit Games. In order to get to the Games there are multiple levels of competition. The first one is The CrossFit Open.

The Open is a worldwide competition where individuals compete in workouts that are posted weekly over the course of 5 weeks. You can video your workout and submit it online to CrossFit for judging and validation or you can perform the workout at a CrossFit affiliate and they will judge the workout and validate your score. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to come and see CrossFit as a sport.


How will Centerville CrossFit be hosting the OPEN?

Centerville CrossFit will be hosting The Open on 5 consecutive Fridays, starting 2/28, we will be doing the open workout in EVERY CLASS throughout the day. However there will be no 5:30 or 6:30 classes.  Instead, we will be doing our evening classes in “Friday Night Lights” style starting at 6pm. (all other classes will run as scheduled)


We will have two different options for our CCF members.

1)   Do you plan to compete? If you are someone who can RX workouts, then we strongly suggest you to register with The CrossFit Games site and select Centerville CrossFit as your affiliate. (cost $20)

2)   Do you plan to participate? (scale) If you can’t RX, don’t worry!  You can still have fun and compete against your fellow friends at the gym!  Instead of giving to CF Headquarters, we suggest donating $20 to http://www.kevinogar.com.

“On January 12th, 2014 Kevin Ogar’s life changed forever. He suffered a traumatic injury to his spinal cord as a result of a “freak accident” while competing at an event in Orange County, California. At this time, Kevin has no movement below the waist and will be faced with numerous surgeries and a long road ahead for rehabilitation.” – kevinogar.com

3)    Prepare yourself for some challenging and fun workouts with others from the gym.

Dates of The Open are: 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21 and 3/28

Please note. CrossFit designs the workouts to be very accessible, but this is also a competition that requires strict standards. Examples of these standards are unassisted pullups and pushups. The movements and loads are unknown at this time. We encourage you to scale these movements if you are “participating” not “competing”.

If you have any questions, please be sure to ask your class trainer.

Friday 2/21

10 min @80%:

30 sec HS hold

5 skin the cats

20 sec tuck sit


5 min amrap:

15 power cleans 135#/95#

15 power cleans 155#/105#

15 power cleans 175#/115#

amrap power cleans 195#/125#


5 min amrap HR pushups


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