Friday 9/13

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We’ve changed up our training package pricing and program, by changed up we mean dropped prices and obligation time. Below you’ll see our new structure:


BRONZE: $120.00/ mo.

attending 2 days a week


SILVER: $134.99/ mo.

attending 3 days a week


GOLD: $149.99/ mo.

unlimited attendance


All of these packages have a 3 month obligation period that reverts to a month to month basis after completion. This new structure allows for more flexibility.


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET ON THIS NEW PRICING STRUCTURE STARTING OCT 1… you will need to fill out an upgrade form at the front desk before october 1.

Friday 9/13

Every 3 min for 3 rounds:

A. DB RFESS @3010 6-8 reps per leg


3 rounds for even pace:

15 sit-ups

250m row

10 kb swings


3 rounds for even pace:

12 hr pushups

100m run

10 wall balls


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