Friends and Family Saturday!

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I think this was Mike's last day of squating for a while.  Mike has been battling some knee problems for quite a while now. So if you are working out next to him and he is doing things different than you are that is why.  Keep up the hard work Mike. Way to show everyone that CrossFit is scaleable for everyone! 

Family and Friends Saturday: This Saturday at 11:00, bring your friends and family to try out a CrossFit workout! (7/17) (COME PREPARED TO WORKOUT! AND BRING H2O)

Watch the World Games for FREE by live video stream!Updates will be posted Saturday as Mike finishes up his workouts.


Overhead Bar Walk 100m Attach chains or KBs to bar. 

10 Weighted Lunges L+R=2 (Same bar as walks on your back)

10 Dips 

*on the bar walk go out the side door and behind the building and around the cone.  Use caution when rounding corners.

AMRAP in…  14 • 12  10 min

Floor Wipers  40 • 30  20 Reps

Competitor  Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities


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