Fundraiser's in September!

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Hey Graham, What times is it??  

Between both gyms (Centerville and Troy) we have a quite a lot going on in the next month or so.  We have two fundraiser going on September 25, 2010.  Both of these fundraisers will be happening at Crossfit Troy! I hope that all you can make the journey up north to be part of the festivities! 

1. Fight Gone BAD 5: At TROY we will be doing FGB September 25 at 3:00 

3 Rounds: 1 Min each Element 1 min off 

As Many Reps as possible 

Wall Ball shot

Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Box Jump

Push Press

Row (for cals)


2. StreetFighter Challenge: 10:50 x 24 WOD.  Yes you read it right (or if you have no idea what that means) This WOD will be a 10 mins on 50 mins off for 24 hrs.  

Location: Crossfit Troy

Event WOD: 10 MIN on 50 Mins off x 24 

Each round will be a different WOD (AMRAP, AMDAP (as much distances as possible), ALL OUT EFFORT, ETC)

Street Fighter Challenge will end with 2 Rounds of FIGHT GONE BAD!

Event Scaling: 6, 12, and 24 hr options

Donations: 6/12 hr 25$

24 hr 35$ 

Will go to local Charity

Participants Gear: Food and Electrolyte Replenishment (Not Provided), Crossfit Gear, Running Shoes, Sleeping Bag & pillow, Changes of clothes!

After Both events we will be having a POTLUCK more info to come later!

Tuesday WOD

Run 800m • 400m  200m

10 Back Squats

20 Choppers

Run 400m • 200m  200m

20 Choppers

10 Back Squats

Run 800m • 400m  200m


2 Min. Hand stand hold & 50 Dips

Competitor  Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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