Future Firebreathers

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Future Firebreathers! Our CrossFit Kids classes are going great. Very soon we will be opening it to the rest of our current members! 

Announcement: Due to the inclement weather there will be no 6:00am class! 

Friday WOD

Bar Lunges (L+R=2, keep bar in front squat position)

Hang Power Snatch

*Use 1/2 Bodyweight

Do 1 Lunge and 1 HPS the first minute… 2 Lunges and 2 HPC the second minute… Continue until you fail to complete all the reps in the minute.  Record last full round completed along with the change.


Shoulder Mobility

Competitor Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Thanks so much for the kids program. Nothing says it better than an, “I LOVE it!” from a 5-year-old. (That would be Declan, to the far left.) Becky, you’re awesome!

  2. Kids are having a blast Becky and Ainsley already has a better rack position than her dad does.

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