Games WOD 12.4

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This is the week we all knew was coming: a Games WOD with muscle ups. Please don’t allow this element to hinder your excitement for tomorrow night. EVERYONE can do wall balls, and you can all attempt double unders. Everyone will earn a score and should still show up with game faces, ready to compete.


In preparation for the workout, please check the following mobility videos. Also, make sure to email Becky if you CAN’T make it to the workout so that she can plan heats accordingly.

Video #1

Video #2


Please remember that we will be offering Power Yoga on Saturday at 11:15 (what an awesome way to recover from Friday’s beatdown!) and there will be no CrossFit Kids this week.

The Only classes today will be 6am, 4:30, and the Open workout at 6


150 Wallballs

90 Double Unders

30 Muscle-ups

AMRAP in 12 minutes


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