Games WOD Friday!

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If you are signed up for the Open, check this document to see your heat for tonight. We will all meet at 5:45 to go over standards and explain how we will be transitioning weight for everyone. The first heat will begin at 6:00 pm! Only other classes today are 6am and 4:30pm.


The Missing Link

As CrossFitters, we subject our body to some intense movements multiple times per week. You might be eating clean and training mean, but are you failing to give your body the proper care it needs? Check out this article from Breaking Muscle and see if you’re missing an important component of your training.

WOD 12.2

10 min AMRAP

30 snatches M 75 / F 45

30 snatches M 135 / F 75

30 snatches M 165 / F 100

Max rep snatches  M 210 / F 120



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