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Adam also competed this weekend at the regionals.  He did an amazing job! Adam has been working out in his garage for a several months.  But his wife Becky and him have just recently been coming into do WOD's with us.  It has been great having these two in the room with us! 

Jamie Pullup

From the Midwest Games, Jamie is leaving no doubt in the judges mind that his chest is high enough to touch the bar. Probably every one at the games experienced the frustration of having a rep (or more) declined due to range of motion violations. Hey it's CrossFit there is no compromise. If there was, we'd like the other gyms.

Find Jamie, Brandon and Graham — SEE THE MOVIE!

Tuesday WOD
(A sample of the weekend, again)

Dead lifts


Pull-ups (Games prescribed chest to bar*)

Dead lift Men (275#1.5 B/WB/W.5 B/W)

Dead lift Women (185#B/W.5 B/W)

*Don't be cocky and exceed your weight capacities, There will be consequences.


Strict Press 40 • 30 • 20 

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational
Scale to capabilities

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