Get Real

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CCF trainers are often approached by clients who want guidance in achieving their goals. There are those striving to lose weight, others looking to increase their deadlift, and some who simply want to make it through a WOD as rx’d. Whatever your goals may be, our solutions often include one common piece of advice: you need to change the way you eat. Making it to the gym on a regular basis, working on your technique, and incorporating supplements can only get you so far. The bottom line is that in order to achieve your maximum potential, you need to fuel your body appropriately.

Many of our clients are just starting their fitness journey and are sorting their way through information on Paleo, Primal, and Zone eating. There are also those of us who know exactly how we SHOULD be eating but have strayed a bit. It’s also pretty fair to say that others think they eat “pretty well”, when in all reality there are way too many cheat meals and not enough quality food going into our systems. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, this article from Mark’s Daily Apple provides a nice wake-up call for all of us to get “reset” and serious about setting and achieving our goals. Read up, and if you haven’t done so lately, talk to one of the trainers about your goals and we will set-up a plan to get you there.


Wednesday WOD

3-4 sets at 100% Effort:

5 Deadlifts (use a weight that’s touch and go)

5 Burpees

10 Paratroopers

Rest 4 min. after each Round

*keep track of your time for each set, it it starts to have big increases in duration stop!  The key here is intensity.


Hamstring PNF

Scale to capabilities



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