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Have you registered for the Games yet? Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you decide to go ahead and take that next step!


What exactly are the CF Games?




How many workouts are there?

There will be five total workouts, 1 per week beginning February 22. The details of the workout will be released each Wednesday, and we will complete the workouts in heats each Friday evening. Your workout must be done at this time so that your results are verified by a trainer.


I can’t do (muscle ups/pull-ups/a certain weight/etc). Can I still compete?

Yup. Just like in regular workouts, you will scale the movements. Your score will still be tallied by a CCF trainer and recorded at the gym; official scores only need to be posted online if you complete the WOD as Rx’d. You will be surprised at how competitive you can be despite what you perceive to be weaknesses; remember: CrossFit spans so many skills that many of your competitors who are strong in one area will struggle in another. It’s part of what makes this so fun!


I am pretty sure I won’t move on to the next level of competition. Why should I do this?

The same reason you show up to workout with us every day! The camaraderie, the competition, the challenge, the feeling you get when you attempt and overcome something you never thought you could do, the experience of being part of one of the biggest and most exciting events around, the opportunity to expose your weaknesses and set goals… Also, we are cooking out after each WOD. 🙂


I’m scared.

This isn’t a question. Suck it up, Buttercup.

We want EVERYONE to participate! Still have questions? Email Mitch at mitch@centervillecrossfit.com or Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com or talk to any of the trainers at the gym!

Thursday WOD

Back Squat





So on the last set if they look solid add and maybe try for a new 1RM


AMRAP 8 mins:

1 Power Clean

AMREP Front Squats (LIGHT! ~50%)

30 sec. Plank hold

Record total lbs. power cleans AND number of front squats

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