Private Training

Personal Training

If you’re looking for private one-on-one training that revolves around you and your needs, then personal training is for you.

You will meet with one of our highly trained coaches to go over your goals, needs and concerns. After your initial introduction, your coach will measure your strengths & weaknesses and establish a baseline to start creating the training program that will help you reach your goals. During your training sessions, your coach is right by your side holding you accountable, providing motivation and feedback. You can also expect that they may also educate you in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health, mobility and nutrition.


Private Group Training

If you prefer to work out in a group rather than alone but still want the tailored fit that you find in personal training, we suggest you look into our private group training.

Here you will find the same customization and dedication that you see in personal training while also gaining the comrade and encouragement of a group. Private group training sessions consist of 2 to 5 people training together in their own personalized program. So if you have a group of people that have the same desires or want to get more out of our CrossFit classes, private group training is your answer.


Skills Sessions

Anyone looking for extra one-on-one attention will benefit from our skill sessions. This 30 minute session allows you to give more focus to any weaknesses you may have (be it one small area or many big components) by working with a trainer to specifically address these issues.