Personal Training (hour sessions):

Training 8 times a month: $520.00/ mo.

Training 12 times a month: $780.00/ mo.

*These packages are 3 month commitments, 30 day written notice required for cancellation*


Personal Programming:

Monthly custom programming: $100.00

  • Use of our facility: $50.00


Personal Nutrition:

Contact us to set up a meeting with a coach: Admin@CentervilleCrossFit.com


Private Group Training (hour sessions): *Groups consist of 2-5 people*

Training 8 times a month: $280.00/mo.

Training 12 times a month: $420.00/mo.

*These packages are 3 month commitments, 30 day written notice required for cancellation*

To set up a meeting with a trainer, email: Admin@CentervilleCrossFit.com


CrossFit Class Options:

SILVER: $160/mo. attending 12 times a month

GOLD: $175/mo. attending 24 times a month

*These packages have a 3 month obligation period that converts to a month to month basis after completion, 30 day written cancellation notice required after obligation period has been completed*

To get started at Centerville CrossFit click HERE


Skill Sessions:

This is the perfect addition to your CrossFit classes. You can purchase a skill session at any time to give more focus on any weaknesses you may have (be it one small area or many big components), you will be working one on one with a trainer to specifically address your issues.

30 minute session: $35.00

1 hour session: $55.00

To schedule a session, email: Admin@CentervilleCrossFit.com


Drop in Rate: $20 per class or $50 for a week.

(For Traveling CrossFitters only. Must have 3 months of CrossFit experience)





Class Credit Policy:

Important:  In most cases, missed class credit(s) should not rollover into the next month – it should be taken within that month’s program.  Exceptions will apply as deemed fair due to issues such as injury or a significant number of approved class credits.

Lost/Stolen Item Policy:
Centerville CrossFit can not be held responsible for the loss or theft of personal items left in the gym or in the car parked on our premises.

Refunds will be provided due to permanent disability or permanent relocation.  Refunds will not be given under any other circumstances.  Credits are possible, but please see the notes on class credits above.

Holds/Freezing of membership:

Memberships can be frozen due to vacation, injury, medical issues, or other unforeseen circumstances for a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum 2 months. Total time can not exceed 2 month in a calendar year. Hold dates need to be emailed to Admin@CentervilleCrossFit.com before the hold is to go into effect. There is no backdating hold dates, if you need more time added to your hold please send an email.

Members under commitment: If you are within your 3 month commitment window and would like to place your account on hold, you are able to do so. Your days will be saved but your billing will go as scheduled until the commitment time has been completed.

Members on month to month membership: Once you place your account on hold, your days and billing will be put on hold for the length of the hold.