Ghost N Goblin 5k

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One of the tenants of CrossFit is that our athletes “regularly learn and play new sports”. Of course we want you to come to the gym regularly, but we also want you to get out and put all of your athletic gains to use. Although our workouts are highly varied within the gym, we want your fitness routine to include additional variation. Whether its joining a soccer team, learning to rock climb, enjoying the beautiful fall weather by hiking with your family, your routine in the gym should not be the end all, be all of your new found strength. Take the confidence and athletic ability CrossFit instills and apply it to new situations; get out there and have fun! Not only does taking on such endeavors provide a means for you to see how far you’ve come, it breaks up the routine of just coming to the gym week after week.
One such opportunity is the Ghost N Goblin 5k held in Dayton each year. This is a fun run, and even if you don’t consider yourself a “runner”, if you CrossFit it is definitely an obtainable goal. The race is on a Tuesday evening, and we would love to have a group from CCF represent. Follow the link below to register, and make sure you add your name to the sign-up sheet in the gym starting Monday. This will help us coordinate carpooling for those who are interested. Plan on staying after the race for the celebration!

Friday WOD

Back Squat 8 sets of 3 @ 60% 1 RM, rest between sets.


100 Hollow Rocks

100 Mountain Climbers (L+R=2)

100 Mason Twists (L+R=2)

*Break up as needed.



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