Girls on the Run 5k!

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I'd like to congratulate Kelli Szakal (Crossfit Troy) and many of the other ladies that make the selfless investment into the lives of young women through Girls On The Run. I love how they are using running as a common ground to invest hope, promise and character into the next generation of women. CrossFit Troy and Centerville CrossFit will be there in the future.

Kelly with girls
Kelli Szakal and a small army of Girls On The Run mentor leaders get some of the girls fired up for the 5K run.

Kelly hugs
Kelli congratulates one of the Girls On The Run placers.

Group runners
We were only able to get a picture of a partial group of the many Crossfit Troy and Centerville participants and supports of Girls on the Run. Thanks everyone for coming out a supporting such an important cause.

Miek matt
Congrats Matt for getting me by .01 of a second. What a great run!

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