Go go gadget arms!!…legs??…

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I will let the title speak for itself… =)

Come to Xenia Saturday to watch your fellow CrossFitters Compete in a true strongman competition.  From our Centerville gym we will have Charlie Pool, Dave Lewis, and Phil Gallagher.  From Troy Graham Spagnola will be the long ranger.  All Competitors will do their best to represent our two gyms.  The Competiton begins at high noon.  Click here http://www.nastrongman.com/upcoming.html and scroll down to Christstrength gym Sept. 18 for more details.

Friday WOD

*Use 50% of your 1 RM from Monday for you OHS weight*

OHS 10 – 1 Strict Dips

OHS 9 – 2 Strict Dips

OHS 8 – 3 Strict Dips

Run 800m • 600m • 400m

OHS 7-4 Strict Dips

OHS 6 – 5 Strict Dips

Run 600400200

OHS 5 – 6 Strict Dips

OHS 4 – 7 Strict Dips

Run 400m • 200m • 100m

OHS 3 – 8 Strict Dips

OHS 2 – 9 Strict Dips

OHS 1 – 10 Strict Dips

Group Stretch & Foam Roll

Skill: Work on your Goat

CompetitorAdvanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Goat?

  2. You do whatcha gotta when you’re four feet tall!!!

  3. Good luck at the competition this weekend!

  4. Luke if you came to class you would know what a goat is… you will just have to wait.
    Good luck guys!

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