Good Luck

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I just wanted to say good luck to Matt on his E-Fix race. It is this weekend but he leaves tomorrow. I will try to keep the blog updated at different checkpoints though out the weekend.  Thank you everyone who donated to help Matt. We raised a good chunk of money.  

Thursday WOD

10 Med. Ball Clean

50 Supermen

20 Med. Ball OH Lunges (L+R=1 sorry)

4 32 rounds


L-TTB (legs don't lower past the L position, then back up)

Modified version…hang from the bar with tucked knees, then extend your feet.

403020 reps


Scale to capabilities


  1. Thanks for all the support from everybody, it means a lot and has helped tremendously getting my head in check for what will probably be not only my toughest race, but mental challenge to date.
    You will be able to follow me through “quasi-live” coverage on Checkpoint Tracker: http://checkpointtracker.com/events/101
    I may also be allowed to post to Facebook periodically during this race: http://www.facebook.com/Matthew.Swartout
    I’ll see you all next week after a few hard days in the woods!

  2. Christine says:

    Good Luck Matt!!!!

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