GQ Tireflips

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Carol is an inspiration to all of our training staff! I couldn't be more impressed with how hard she has been working! Keep up the good work! And the Shades say it all!


"I do the impossible!" 

"I can remember as a gymnast back in the day we were doing skills that many thought impossible. An interesting thing would regularly happen. Someone somewhere in the world would do a skill that was beyond what anyone thought possible. I can remember the first time I saw a double layout back summersault in floor exercise (There was no internet). So when you saw something for the first time it was often with your own eyes. It was shock and awe. But by the very next year there would be several others doing it. Today there are high school kids doing double layouts. No big deal. We'll yea it's still a big deal, but not impossible.

So what's the takeaway. Every day you're faced with seeing with your own eyes, someone in the gym doing something you consider IMPOSSIBLE for yourself. Other people's "possible" can motivate you to question your self imposed "impossible". Losing that weight, doubleunders, kipping pull-ups, a 3 minute Fran, becoming a person of power and confidence."  -Mike Lyons

Wednesday WOD

"Silverback Complex"

1 Power Snatch

1 Back Squat

1 Back Jerk

1 Front Squat

1 Push Jerk

*each time through = 1 rep. 

AMRAP in… 10 Min.


Hip & Wrist Mobility

Work on your Goat

Scale to capabilities



  1. Wow, that video is awesome!

  2. True that – Carol works out hard!

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