Gym Closed!

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Because of the move and the Regional Competition this weekend we will be closed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Things will kick off at the new building Monday at 4:30! 763 Congress Park Drive, Centerville.  

Good luck to all the teams and individuals who will be competing this weekend in Logan, Ohio for the Crossfit Games Regional Competition.  Also good luck to our firefighters Bryan and Ross who will be competing in another FF Challenge this weekend. 

Since the gym is closed that does not mean you have to skip out on workouts.  Some good home workouts are…. 

  1. Run a 5K
  2. 21-15-9

Clapping Pushups

Jumping Squats

Handstand Pushups

    3. 10 Lunges (L+R=1)

    15 Sit ups

    20 Ground to over head (Grab a backpack or something heavy clean it and put it over your head)

    400m Run

    3 Rounds

Place your times in the comment section


  1. James H. says:

    Good luck everyone!

  2. Bye bye creek

  3. Shannon says:

    Can I add one I like to call the DC Tourist Mommy?
    Deadlift stoller with small child and accessories as needed to climb stairs to/in various museums
    Then finish with a long walk to the Metro while carrying small child in baby sling and pushing large child in the stroller.
    Repeat daily as needed for vacation.

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