Gym Etiquette

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Don’t be “that guy” at the gym


A CrossFit gym is not like your typical gym; we’re cool with loud music, use of chalk, working out barefoot, and dropping your weights. That being said, there are a few things we want everyone to do to make sure things are running smoothly, especially as we transition out of remodeling mode and into our newly designed space.


1. Be friendly. We have a lot of new members, and whether you fall into this category or you are a long time client, if you don’t know someone, introduce yourself. Centerville CrossFit is a community, and one in which we want everyone to interact. This is what sets us apart from the Globo gyms-take advantage of it!

2. Throw away your trash. Empty water bottles, used tape, wrappers, paper towels in the bathroom…your mother doesn’t work here, and if she did you’d probably be grounded.

3. If you brought it with you, take it when you leave. We have tons of random items all over the place right now…sweatshirts, protein drink containers, shoes, etc. We just started a lost and found box, so please check for items. We will be taking contents to Goodwill at the end of each month.

4. That being said, if you didn’t bring it with you, leave it. Foam rollers and lacrosse balls are not yours to borrow.

5. Put away your equipment and do it properly. Lately we’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up after people leave class. Whether it’s equipment you use during the WOD or items like foam rollers, they shouldn’t be left out. Also, please note that our bumper plates are stacked according to weight, so keep them separated accordingly. Jump ropes need to be hung back up in as organized of a fashion as possible.

6. Take your DNA with you. If you tear on a bar, please disinfect it.

7. The front counter should remain clear and is not a place for bags and other items. Please put your stuff in one of the lockers, or soon in our new changing rooms.


The Management


Reminder: Our next Community wod is Saturday, April 7 at 10:00 am. This workout is open to anyone interested in trying a CrossFit workout, and after attending you will receive a voucher for a Free Elements package or 2 free weeks of Boot Camp. We limit registration to the first 25 RSVPs, and we’ve been full the last several months, so please email Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com ASAP to reserve your spot. If you’ve attended a community workout before, we welcome you to return!

Tuesday WOD

AMRAP 15 min

10 deadlifts

10 box jumps

10 hang cleans


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