Happy Halloween!

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Thanks so much to Carol and Thom for hosting a great Halloween party on Saturday night. As you can see, everyone was in rare form. As much fun as this time of year can be, many parents know what a nightmare it can be to have kids who are fed sugar at school Halloween parties, and then come home after Trick-or-Treat with enough candy to last until Christmas. For those who want their kids to join in the festivities of the season without dealing with the crash that comes after a sugar binge, you might consider allowing your kids to choose some of their favorite treats and then taking the rest to one of the following locations:

*Visit Earth Fare on November 1-4 for their “Trick or Trade In” program. Have your kids pick a few of their favorite pieces and then take the rest to the store in exchange for free goody bags.

*Operation Gratitude: On Wednesday, November 2, from 6-8 pm, take your kids to The Greene and allow them to participate in Operation Gratitude.  Michael McConnell, DDS will buy their candy for $1 per pound and then ship it overseas to troops who could use a treat.





Community Workout

This Saturday, November 5 we will be hosting our free monthly community wod. The community wod will be held at 10:00 am and take the place of our normal Saturday workout. In order to participate, current clients must bring a friend. If you’ve already been to one, please feel free to join us again! Email Meghan at meghanphilpot77@yahoo.com and include the name and email of your guest if you are interested!

Monday WOD





Shoulder & Quad Mobility


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