Happy New Year!

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What are you doing to make 2012 the healthiest yet? So far, 17 CCF members have enrolled in our I Am CrossFit Challenge, set to kickoff next week. We still have room for 8 more people motivated individuals who are ready to achieve goals. We want to stress that this is not a competition; rather, it is a way for you to work closely with a trainer to set goals, develop a plan, and make tremendous gains in 8 weeks. We firmly believe that after these two months, you will not only achieve whatever you set out to do, but that you will be on a clear path to make the remainder of the year successful! Below is the story of husband and wife Mike and Renae Martin, who completed our 50 day Paleo Challenge. Read on to see how Renae began her journey into healthful eating, gain some great tips for beginning your own journey, and be inspired to fight through those tough few days.

I started my journey into the Paleo Diet a few months after my husband, Mike Martin, joined Centerville Crossfit.  Mitch and other trainers told him that while he would really progress for some time, he would probably stall unless he cleaned up his diet.  Neither of us paid attention to this weird “paleo thing” for some time.  For me, I couldn’t fathom how cutting out wheat bread would be better for me.  Right before the 50-Day challenge started, we both decided to look into Paleo.  Because I knew I would need to do research, I bought The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf.  While I was reading the book and describing to Mike what needed to change, he began his journey into the Paleo eating world, but I still wasn’t quite ready. A week after Mike’s week long trial, I cleaned out the pantry of all non-paleo foods and started my own paleo challenge.  The first week for both of us was rough; I’m not going to lie about that.  Mike was completely chemically dependent on the sugar in pop and energy drinks, and me in bread/pasta/other carbs.  We both felt very sick the first week we started it, with headaches and such, and I also had very bad mood swings. After a few days our chemical dependency to sugar was gone and we started to enjoy the new foods I had always banned on our high carb/low fat diet, such as whole eggs and steak. We were enjoying the freedom of not having to count calories and eating food that didn’t taste like cardboard.  We continued to research and I bought all of the cookbooks for ideas on how to make meals that don’t involve pasta.  Eating out is easy; almost any restaurant offers a grilled chicken salad, steak with veggies or something that doesn’t involve pasta.  Our results have been good.  Mike has lost weight, even though now he’s angry his pants are too big!  I have lost weight that I have really needed to lose after no other “diet” worked.  My blood work has shown improvement, and we both know we feel better when we eat paleo. For us it’s not about the challenge, it’s about living long and healthy lives.  Now that the challenge is over, Mike is adding some dairy and a few more gluten free carbs into his diet.  I’m still adapting paleo to be right for me as well.  After being paleo for a few months here are some tips for those who are starting:

  • Clean out your whole house.  If there are potato chips, ice cream containers and pasta in the house, you’ll eat it.  Donate the food to charity.
  • Make meals ahead of time.  If you don’t, you’ll cheat, and you won’t get the full benefits of paleo.  Eating out everyday is not paleo, try to make a few BIG meals on the weekends to freeze and use throughout the week.
  • Find ways to cook at work!  I use a microwave egg scrambler and George Foreman grill to cook at work, I don’t always have meals made ahead of time.
  • Figure out an excuse for why you aren’t eating pasta and sweets….because people will ask and not understand.  My whole team at work still makes fun of me and tells me “well cavemen didn’t __________” to everything I do.  I wish I would have just told some of them that I had celiac disease.  I know it’s a lie, but sometimes I just tell people that instead of trying to explain paleo.  Some people just won’t understand.
  • If you can, get blood work done before you start.  Get total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, LDL Size Type (very important, but not all labs do it), A1C, C-Reactive protein, Triglycerides, and fasting glucose.  See how these improve after 90 days.
  • Get books and do research.  Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution is very helpful and well written (explains the blood markers above too).
  • If you want to cheat, plan it out.  See if there are more paleo friendly cheats available (gluten free pasta, dark chocolate covered almonds, so forth) for what you are craving.  Eating off paleo sometimes it’s okay, but plan it out and don’t go overboard.

I hope you decide to give paleo a try.  I believe in it, and feel it’s one of the best ways to eat.  More and more doctors are coming around to it as well.  And know if you need any advice, all of the trainers and participants of the 50-day challenge are there to support you.

Enrolling in the IACF Challenge is easy; simply follow this link. Questions? Ask any trainer or email Mitch atmlyons@centervillecrossfit.com

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This Saturday, January 7th we will have our Community Workout at 10:00 am. This will be the only workout of the day, and you must bring a guest in order to participate. To reserve a spot, please email Meghan at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com

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