First Back Squat

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Heather squat 

Heather has been with us at CrossFit Creek now for just a little over a month and she hasn't missed a beat since day one.  Even when she is not able to physically make it into the gym she get's the WOD done at home.  Heather, you are becoming a true crossfitter and your quiet determination inspires us all.   

Benchmark Wednesday


Snatch Squats   21  15  11
Pull-ups            42  30  22
Snatch Squats   15  11   9
Pull-ups            30  22  18
Snatch Squats    9    9   7
Pull-ups            18  18   14

Unmodified weight for..Men 95lbs Women 65lbs.

Cool Down
TGU  12 10 8

Advanced Intermediate Foundational
Scale to capabilities

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