Herb Garden

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Monique has been bringing in some of her herb garden lately! Its been awesome. 

For those of you with stinky vibrams… Here is how to Clean them!



Master Your Nutrition Seminar, June 26th

This could be the most significant 2 hours you spend in the gym ever.  If you are planning on being there remember we need a 5 day food journal tracking everything you eat.  Don't change any current habits.  This is to help us find out what types of foods you are eating.

Get the details here! FINAL WEEK. 

Thursday WOD

1 Rep Max Snatch or Power Snatch OHS

You have a 20 Min time limit to get this done.

100m Object Carry (Must be shouldered)  
30 Banded or GH Situps 
4 • 3 • 


Use Foam Rollers for 10 Min.

Competitor • Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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