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Welcome to Centerville CrossFit

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The Original CrossFit in the Dayton Area

Clients who have been with us since 2008 remember our humble beginnings as CrossFit Creek. As the Dayton area’s original CrossFit gym we have been fortunate to be able to attract and develop the very best training team for our clients. We are the only gym in the Dayton area that offers four different levels of classes depending on your goals and your current level of fitness.

New clients start out in our Elements program, helping you to overcome those initial fears, build confidence, and learn the necessary skills to of CrossFit. Next you will progress to our All Levels classes based on proven concepts that will keep you improving for years to come. For those wanting the challenge, our Advanced training program can take your fitness abilities to an elite competitive level. No matter your age, issue, or athletic history (or lack of), Centerville CrossFit has the way to get you in the best shape of your life!