How High?!

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We had our 1 RPM box jump the other day and six of our guys got 50" and above!! (Pictured from left to right) Mitch, Matt, Evan, Graham, and Dave all got 51 3/4"!!! Then to add to the excitement Mitch and Dave kept pushing each other to go higher.  Mitch ended on 53" and Dave got 54"!!!  Thanks for the entertainment guys!!

See Matt's "Grey Matter WOD"

Monday WOD

15 Power Snatch M95lbs W 65 lbs

200m Sprint 

15 Wall Ball Shots Unbroken

1 Min. Rest (keep track of your own rest times)

4 3  2 Rounds

Stretch & Foam Roll Then…

Deadlift  High Pulls 5-5-5

 Competitor Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities


  1. Congrats guys! For some perspective, That’s higher than my 5-year-old (45″) and my 8-year-old nephew (49″). AMAZING!

  2. We are the champions.

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