HSPU freaks

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Tim and Charlie are handstand push up freaks… 

Force x Distance = Work

Work/Time = Power

Power= Intensity

Crossfit is "constantly varied, functional movement, done at a high intensity" 

We have the first two hammered down. But the intensity part is what some of us need to work on. If you pick a weight to heavy your intensity goes down. We want to increase our POWER output.  Very simply Power= Intensity.  Play with the calculator below.  See what kind of power you are generating.

There will be more to come on Power Output later this week. 

Measure your POWER output.  This is the true way to know if you are getting enough from your work outs. 

Here is a nice video that really SHOWS what CrossFit is at the highest levels.  So if you have friends or family that you have a tough time explaining the moves to you can show them this, just make sure they know it's modifiable and you have to be like these people to do it!!!  Gabe is in it picking up a sandbag at about 22 seconds.  Chastity from "Practice CrossFit" is also in it doing TTB at 54 sec.


Tuesday WOD

Push Press 30 • 20  10

10 Buprees

Weighted Situps 30 • 20  10

10 Burpees

Box Jumps 30 • 20  10

10 Burpees

3 • 2  Rounds


Snatch High Pull (go light) 10  

Competitor  Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational

Scale to capabilities

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