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Eben handles some HSPU! 

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Thursday WOD

On the first minute do..

1 Dip 
1 chopper

Minute 2..

2 Dips
2 chopper

Continue until you fail to complete the reps.  Your score is your last fully completed round.
Run until class time expires

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities 


  1. Welcome to Burpee Week!

  2. Welcome to Burpee Week!

  3. Ahh, double post!

  4. Mitch hates me right now, he gets an email every time someone posts a comment
    Heres #4 buddy!

  5. haha you would!!!!

  6. burpee or chopper?

  7. James H. says:

    I am having the LN team do burpees. : )

  8. KFoster, Practice CrossFit says:

    Becky, Mitch and team…
    Thanks for lettin me play w ya’ll this evening. Was a pleasure. Dips can be unbelievably humbling.
    And to the man who asked for my autograph (so embarrassed I’ve forgotten your name), you made my week! Our ladies would dig havin you wko w/’em one Sat.
    Becky–psyched we’ll be seeing you for the gymnastics cert in May. Let me know how the food experiment goes.

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