I Am CrossFit

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Normal Classes Friday

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I Am CrossFit

Following the success of our 50 Day Paleo Challenge, we are excited to announce our next big CCF event: the “I Am CrossFit Challenge”. This is an 8 week challenge, and because the focus is not just on nutrition but also developing your skills as an athlete, it is a great opportunity for every client.

This 8 week challenge will take place from January 8th through March 2nd. The enrollment cost is $150, and over the time frame you may expect the following:

*Benchmark workouts (CFT, Max push-ups, 5k row) so we can track your progress

*Before and After Photos


*Extra workouts based on YOUR specific goals

*Food logs (we will provide an offical one!) and weekly meal evaluation by a trainer

*1 nutrition seminar

*Frequent contact by a specific trainer for accountability purposes

*2 team workouts

*1 private skills workshop

*1 “I am CrossFit” skills workshop

*”I am CrossFit” t-shirt

Because the challenge will entail so much one-on-one work with our trainers, we are limiting participation to the first 25 people who sign-up and pay. Registering is easy; simply go to HERE! If you have any questions, email Mitch at mlyons@centervillecrossfit.com


Friday WOD

Snatch Drills: 1 To the Hip + 1 back to right below the knee + 1 Power Snatch +1 OHS

* add weight each set completed with perfect form



2 Power Snatches

4 Burpee jump-touches*

* Jump Touches should be at least 12in. above max reach.

AMRAP 12 Mins


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