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Our I Am CrossFit participant results are in, and they’re nothing short of outstanding. Not only did our participants improve body composition, but their performance in the benchmarks increased substantially. Furthermore, many have reported finally breaking unhealthy habits like sugar, and learning what it takes to put together quality meals each day.


Although we’ve featured Heather S. before, her progress is too incredible not to do so again. During the IACF Challenge, Heather lost 4 mm via her caliper measurements, 2 inches from circumference measurements, and 5 pounds on the scale. What’s even more impressive is that because Heather was already following a strict Paleo diet prior to starting the challenge, in the course of 5 months she’s lost 39.2 mm via caliper, 11 inches, and 17 pounds!


Heather, who trains at CCF twice a week, is a prime example of the old adage, “Abs are made in the kitchen”, and proves that real change in body composition can only happen with disciplined eating habits. We know that just figuring out where to start can be a struggle for many, so please make it a point to speak with your trainer and/or join our Centerville CrossFit Paleo page on Facebook, where members can exchange recipes and tips and ask questions. Additionally, Heather recently posted the following, which is a concise and helpful resource for figuring out what to have in a healthy kitchen.

Wednesday WOD

5 rounds

10 ground to overhead (135/95)

10 bar facing burpees




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