Impressive Gains

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Stephanie joined the gym a couple of months ago with her fiancé, Andrew. Both have made huge strides already, and have quickly become a big part of the CCF family. Not only are they both sure to look amazing at their upcoming wedding (although Stephanie is worried her dress, which is in Florida might be too big due to the weight she’s lost through CrossFit and following a Zone diet), they are conquering new skills. Recently Stephanie conquered kipping pull-ups…something that takes many athletes much longer. We can’t wait to see the beasts Stephanie, Andrew, and the rest of the Indigo crew become as they continue their work with us!

Friday WOD

Strict Press 21X0; 3-5 reps x3; rest 2 min.

**Focus on lowering the weight for 2 sec.


10 Wall Ball

L Pull-Ups

AMRAP in…10 min.


Shoulder Mobility


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