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 Patrick is one of our newest athletes. But he has already shown that he is intense enough to finish the most grueling WODS.

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Progressive Wave or

25 Jumping Jax
10 GH
Side Shuffle

Down and Back x2

Team Tuesday WOD

“Pound it Out”

Get a partner, pick a weight you both can do. You have 5 min. to do as many Ground to over heads as you can as a team.  Record total weight moved.  Ex lets say you had 95 lbs on the bar and your team put it over head for a total of 120 times in 5 minutes.  Multiply 120 x 95 lbs.  So your score for this is in lbs.  11,400 lbs.
3 minute rest…

You and your partner do as many burpees as you can in 5 minutes.  Each burpee is worth 10 lbs.  Add up total weight . 3 min. rest…

Row for calories for 5 minutes.  Each calorie is worth 10 lbs. one rower per team.

-Add up all your weights together, this will go on the board for a team score.  Start anywhere. 

Snatch Balance 20 • 15 • 10

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities


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