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Torn MCL and ACL… NO PROBLEM… she is still crossfitting! 

Our concept of health only exists in opposition to its absence. Healthy is the default position. We’re not “supposed” to get strokes, coronary heart disease,diabetes, or cancer. Sure, a few people, here and there, are far more likely to suffer the ravages of the degenerative diseases of civilization, but the real numbers are inflated. For most of the population, we can avoid the worst of it, and if you spend a bit of time on MDA or any other ancestral online communities, you’ll see example after example of people taking charge of their health and experiencing newfound vibrancy. We’ve all gotta die someday, but we most assuredly do not have to die at 56 from a clogged artery.

But I cover longevity plenty. As you know, I’m also interested in increasing one’s enjoyment of life; I’m a big quality over quantity guy (both are good as long as the former is satisfied). And for my money, I can’t think of anything so central to our enjoyment of life as the ability move around pain free.

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Friday Chip & Hold WOD

Box Jumps 50 • 40 • 30

Wall Sit 2min • 1.5 min •1 min

Dips 50 • 40 • 30

Push up Plank Hold 2min • 1.5 min • 1 min

Front Squat 25 • 20 •15 Use 50% of your 1RM

DB Burpee Power Clean 20 • 15 • 10

Group Stretch & Foam Roll

Advanced • Intermediate • Foundational

Scale to capabilities



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