Let the Games Begin!

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Today’s the big day! The first workout of the Games open will be released tonight. Does anyone have any predictions about what it might entail? Are you praying for any elements to be excluded? Regardless of what the Game Makers come up with, we are excited to see our 50+ members tackle the challenge.

If you have not registered but still want to participate its not too late. You have until 8pm today to register. Go here

Once we have the specifics of the WOD, we will provide everyone with more information regarding heats. Generally speaking, expect the following:

*Friday-Group workout. Plan to arrive at 5:45 to go over standards and get warmed up. Heats will begin at 6:00 pm, and start times for subsequent heats will depend on the length of the workout. We want to have things wrapped up no later than 7:15.

*At that time, we will stick around to socialize and cookout. Bring your beverage of choice and something to throw on the grill.

*If you can’t make Friday’s workout, we will have a make-up time at 1 on Sunday.

*Once you complete the workout, you must go online and report your results. Mitch will verify your score, and then it will be officially posted, allowing you to see where you rank within our region!

Community WOD

It’s time to start getting friends and family registered for our March community WOD. Please send Meghan names and contact information for your guests at meghan@centervillecrossfit.com

Wednesday WOD

5 Rounds:

3x through complex: 1 Power Snatch +1 Snatch Balance +1 Lunge (L+R)

15 Situps

10 Burpees

Rest 2mins

Each Round AFAP (As Fast As Possible) focus on good clean reps on the complex and super fast burpees and situps


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