level 1

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 Congrats to Allison who completed her level 1 cert this past weekend! 

The move has arrived! 

3800 sq. feet of pure pain. Except for the full kitchen, crown molding, and cushie johns. All mirrors will be distroyed as with as semblance of bodybuilding stench.

We're meeting at the present location at 12:00 THIS Saturday. Let Mitch know if you can help. Mitch is going to supervise as he says he needs to save his strength for his Fight. Yea right. His first pro fight lasted 45 seconds. Come prepared for a new location WOD and post WOD refreshments.


Monday's WOD

Plank Rows (one pull with each arm equals one rep)

Jumping push Ups (You will jump from side to side as you come up with each push up)

Medicine ball X-Jumps




Cool Down

Hand stand push ups



  1. Yaaaaay Allison, congratuations!

  2. James Humphrey says:

    Nice, Allison! Congratulations!

  3. Way to go Allison. Great to have you on the training team. You’re on your way to becoming a “nasty girl”.

  4. Sandy Curtis says:

    Congratulations Allison on your Level 1 Cert! And congratulations to you Mitch on your new place! It looks awesome!

  5. Brad Miller says:

    Looks great guys. Cant wait to see it.

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