2017 March: Gregg Montgomery

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HeadshotI am… a husband to a beautiful, wonderful woman, for 32 years. I have 2 grown children that I am extremely proud of. My son is a corrections officer and my daughter is an OTA student. I am a Sales Engineer for a Manufacturers Rep company in the Test and Measurement market, I am a Real Estate Agent, and I am an investor in a small brewery in Concord NC.

I like… fly fishing (obsession), craft beer, and working out.

I dislike… people with hidden agendas, I am a pretty straight shooter and don’t like games.

I eat… fairly clean (recent). Before, I would eat anything which led to some weight issues

I will… achieve a HSPU by my birthday and DU’s by the end of the year.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, hobbies, occupation, etc…

I have been a Sales Rep for 21 years, a Real Estate agent for just over a year. In my free time I love to fly fish. I tie all my own bugs, so I have feathers, furs, skins, hooks, etc all over my home office… a.k.a. man cave. I try to get to a river, somewhere, as often as I can to wet a line. Typically I fish the TN/NC Mountains for trout. I am a huge Reds, Bengals, and Buckeyes fan.


What brought you to Centerville CrossFit and CrossFit in general?

Most of my really close friends live in Charlotte, NC. Three of them (Les, Bryan, and Tater…yes I know a Tater!) were all doing this thing called CrossFit. It was amazing the transformation I was seeing in these guys. I was 272 pounds of fun when I thought I need to do something about this before my health deteriorates. So, after returning from a fishing trip (aka drinking trip, with fishing getting the way) with these guys I started my search. I went to Google to find CrossFit gyms in the Centerville area and found CCF. The next day I made an appointment and the rest is history.


What goals have you achieved? What are your new ones?

Although I still have a ways to go I have started to get my weight problems under control. I am down 50+ pounds since joining. New goals, just recently, I was able to do a headstand as a progression step into HSPU. I will get these done! Second goal is DU’s – I have absolutely zero coordination when we do these in a WOD.


What is your favorite movement?FB_IMG_1486568158470

Anything shoulder related – push- press and push jerk, shoulder to overhead, etc.


What is your least favorite movement?

SNATCH! I have the flexibility of a steel pole, so these are my nemesis.


What is your favorite quote or words to live by?

“If you continue to do what you have done, you will get what you have always gotten.”

– Unknown


Do you have any advice to new members or someone thinking about joining?

Just try it. Don’t let the term or word “CrossFit” intimidate you. Everything we do is scalable to you and your fitness level. If you give this a serious chance you will be more successful at it than you could ever have imagined.


What do you love about Centerville CrossFit?

This is by far the easiest question on the form. This place is truly amazing, for me probably life saving. The premier coaching you receive is second to none. My classmates (Go Nooners!) are some of the best and awe inspiring people I know. The gym coaches, staff and athletes there are very supportive, encouraging, giving, and all around the most gracious, fun loving people I have ever come in to contact with. It doesn’t matter whether you finish first or last in a given WOD, it’s all about finishing. The class coach and your classmates are right there with you for every lift, jump, squat, etc. They all want to see you succeed!

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