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Begins January 4th.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS! On Ramp is for those that want, or need to take a slower, more gradual approach to starting their training. Maybe you’re deconditioned (which means way our of shape) or feel your lacking a bit on the confidence side of things. Don’t worry, the On Ramp will provide you with a smooth transition to get you on the road to becoming fit. More information


New Years Eve, Thurs, Dec 31

noon class only!

NO class New Years Day, Friday, Jan 1


For those of you that haven’t been in the gym these past couple of days you have missed our newest member! We now have a mascot! Her name is Ava, so if you see her or hear her don’t be alarmed!  And when she gets bigger she will be doing her own WODs.  A sled pull is going to be in her future!

Thursday WOD “Elizabeth”

Full Cleans 135/95

Ring Dips

21-15-9 • 15-11-7 • 11-9-7 

Record time

Cool Down

Dead lifts 1.5 B/W • B/W • .75 B/W • .5 B/W

25 reps (break up as needed)

Mutant  Advanced  Intermediate  Foundational


  1. Awesome! She’s adorable. Have a Happy New Year, everyone, and please be safe tonight.

  2. What is Mitch doing to that dog?

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