Message from Coach Becky

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Great job to everyone that completed 12.3. The following message is brought to you by Coach Becky regarding your performances so far. (click on the link to read more from Becky)

During this year’s Open I’m in a position I’ve never really been in before – on the sidelines observing. I usually leave the gym on Friday nights a bit wistful over what my own performance would’ve been, but more so I leave the gym in complete admiration of what I just witnessed from all the CCF Open competitors. In the heat of the moment and for those few minutes after the workout is finished (or maybe for you it’s a few hours or days), all you can think about is what you didn’t do right and how you’d change things if you could do it all over again. It’s easy to see and focus on those negatives, but I need to let you know what I’VE seen during the last three weeks.


I’ve seen you conquer fears (like 20 inch box jumps). I’ve seen you do more toes to bar than you’ve ever done in a workout before. I’ve seen you put more weight over your head than you’ve ever thought possible. And even if there was no way you had any business trying to snatch 135 pounds, I’ve seen you fight to keep trying and not give up in frustration. And just making it through 7 minutes of burpees is a major accomplishment, regardless of your score. To me, all of that adds up to a successful performance, week after week.


I know it’s easy to focus on the “could’ve”s or “should’ve”s and to regret that extra 5 second rest or that failed attempt on your 31st snatch, but I want to tell you that’s not what matters. The effort you put forth and the determination to keep going is what makes you great. Give each workout your full effort and there is no reason to be disappointed with your performance. We have 2 more workouts to finish, and I’m so excited for you all to continue to impress!


#hugs #beastmode #getsome

Monday WOD

Thrusters 10 – 1

Pull ups 1 – 10

ie. 10 thrusters, 1 pull up, 9 thrusters, 2 pull ups, etc.

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